My name is Monte Harris, and I am a Left-Handed person who has experienced firsthand, some of the challenges and benefits of being a Southpaw. Since the dawn of man it seems, Left-Handers have had to learn to adapt. We have learned to live in a Right-Handed world, and have had to learn to use all manner of things designed for Right-Handed use. In most instances, it is doable, but in regards to Power
Tools, Rifles and other implements it is a dangerous endeavor for Left-Handers to use them.
Left-Handers have had many major Contributions to the way we live today. The names of a few great Left-Handers: Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Davinci, Alan Turing, Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford. The Contributions of these individuals are staggering. The list includes Libraries, Wireless, Remote Control, Computers, and Modern Assembly Line to name only a few.
The main reason I have created this portal is to offer a forum and a website that can provide unique products and offer solutions for the Left-Handers of the world. It is time that Left-Handers have their voice heard and needs met. Left-Handers are not just some small group of people fighting for space.
We are almost 750 Million strong and it is time for us to speak out against discrimination. It is a travesty that there are still Countries that punish and discourage Left-Handedness. The Middle East and Asia are very harsh in regards
to tolerance and allowance of Left-Handedness. It makes no sense, especially when some of the greatest inventions and innovations of all time have come from predominantly Right- Brained Individuals.
Left-Handers day was established  August 13th 1976. We of the Left-Handed persuasion are a rare breed and that is something that should be celebrated.  It is a travesty that this day has been just another day on the calendar.   There are no parades or picnics, I intend to change that. I want to establish a first annual event on August 13th 2017. an event where everyone in the room is left-Handed and proud to be a part of this unique, creative group of people. Let the SouthPaws of the world Unite!
A portion of the proceeds raised on this site will go towards the needed funds for this inaugural event.